RethinkDB and Elixir - Part 1: Connections

This is going to be a big many part post about my experiences building a RethinkDB driver for Elixir. The driver can be found at »

Migrating from Blogger to Ghost

I just moved my blog from Google's Blogger platform onto a self hosted Ghost platform. Why? Markdown - Rather than using the WYSIWYG editor of blogspot, I am now using »

Elixir Tasks vs Scala Futures

Elixir has introduced a wonderful first class concept called a Task. It allows you to do some work in a new process and easily collect the result, like so: iex( »

How I develop - A stream of consciousness

I recently took the time to dump my "stream of consciousness" for someone trying to wrap their head around how to go about designing an application. With his permission, here »

Copy as Curl

At work the other day I noticed something new in the Chrome browser developer console. Under the "History" tab, if you right click on a source you are presented with »